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Corporations and Organizational Supporters

Rising interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Interest in CSR has increased over the years. At first, companies tended to focus on basic due diligence such as legal compliance and information disclosure. Recently however, more and more companies are actively looking for new ways to contribute to society. Reasons behind this trend include potential discovery of new business opportunities through CSR and the rising recognition that contribution to society ultimately leads to sustainable business growth. Many companies regardless of size are beginning to place importance on CSR from a managerial perspective. Multicultural Center Tokyo is receiving increasing support from companies and organizations practicing “Active CSR” such as employee participation in volunteer activities and event planning.

What it means to support children with foreign roots

There are many children and teenagers with foreign roots who were brought from their mother countries to live in Japan regardless of their will. This is a very difficult situation for them, but children who overcome these hardships have the potential to become strong and compassionate adults. There are many culturally diverse children with foreign roots who not only understand their mother culture and language, but also have an understanding of Japanese society and its language through interacting with Japanese friends at school. These children have the potential to flourish not only in Japan but also overseas in various fields. In Japan’s relatively homogeneous schools and society, however, children with foreign roots are not always recognized and the Japanese education system does not always nurture diversity. Multicultural Center Tokyo needs your help to support these children.

Multicultural Center Tokyo as a CSR Partner

Multicultural Center Tokyo (MCT) is ideal for CSR activities on the ground as Tabunka Free School and Kodomo project (Saturday volunteer tutoring sessions) are both located in Tokyo. Please contact us to find out how you can contribute. •Please come and meet MCT’s children with foreign roots and deepen your understanding about them. In an age where diversity of human resource is crucial for the growth of companies and organizations, MCT provides sponsors with opportunities to learn about “diversity” while interacting with the children. •Please help children with foreign roots access high school education. Many children at MCT are studying to get into high schools and need your support. Multicultural Center Tokyo has been supported by and has collaborated with many companies and organizations. Collaboration has taken many forms, including grants and other financial support, collaborative projects such as field trips with Tabunka Free School students and diversity training for new employees, and participation of employees in Kodomo project (Saturday volunteer tutoring sessions). Please consider Multicultural Center Tokyo as your future CSR partner.

Merit of partnering with a certified NPO

MCT became a certified NPO in June 2011. Corporate entities may deduct the amount they donate to certified NPOs from their taxable income.  

Please contact Secretariat to donate to Multicultural Center Tokyo.

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・TEL/FAX: 03-6807-7937

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2011 Corporate Partnership Programs

■Multicultural Youth Festival 2011 in Aoyama

■When November 2011 ■Where Aoyama Women’s Plaza
Together with UBS and Tokyo Voluntary Action Center, Multicultural Center Tokyo hosted Multicultural Youth Festival 2011, where migrant children put on various performances including dance, song, and independent movies. This festival was held as a break-out session of Volunteer Festival Japan. Over 200 people participated and children had the opportunity to express themselves through art and music.

■Career Week

■When November 2011 ■Where Multicultural Center Tokyo.
As part of MCT’s Career Education Program funded by Gap Foundation, Career Week was held in November 2011. Students had the opportunity to experience working at GAP or Banana Republic stores for a day. In addition, they participated in a workshop organized by Alphabeat, where they brainstormed about their future using the Dream Tree Worksheet. crarryerweek1

List of [past] MCT Supporters


   Gap Foundation, Gap Japan K.K ◆Gap Foundation has been funding Tabunka Free School’s Career Education Program since 2008. ◆Gap Japan K.K provided Tabunka Free School students with an opportunity to experience working at a GAP or Banana Republic store for a day as part of the Career Education Program. Gap employees explained their jobs to the students and assisted them in carrying out their roles. ◆Gap Japan K.K co-sponsored and participated in Tabunka Free School’s Sports Festival and Karaoke Party from 2008 to 2010.
UBSグループUBS Financial Group ◆UBS has been funding as well as co-organizing Tabunka Youth Festa since 2007. ◆UBS volunteers have been teaching English essay writing and interviews to students taking high school entrance exams in English since 2009. ◆UBS has been contributing to Tabunka Free School’s scholarship fund for children from low income families since 2009. ◆As part of MCT’s human resources development, UBS has been contributing to MCT’s internship program for college students with foreign root since 2010. ◆UBS has been funding MCT students’ off-campus school activities such as field trips since 2009. ◆UBS has been contributing to Tabunka Free School’s educational programs since 2009 as well as in 2007. ◆UBS donated five computers to the MCT secretariat in replacement of old ones in 2009.
三菱UFJリース株式会社Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Group & Tokyo Voluntary Action Center Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Group & Tokyo Voluntary Action Center(TVAC) As part of its new employee training offered by TVAC, new employees of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Group volunteered at Tabunka Free School, and produced a how-to DVD on high school entrance exam interviews for Tabunka Free School students. The DVD has multilingual subtitles to meet the needs of students from various countries. .
BNPパリバ証券株式会社BNP Paribas BNP Paribas employees volunteered at Tabunka Free School as part of their new employee training.
公益信託オラクル有志の会ボランティア基金Oracle Charitable Trust ◆Oracle Charitable Trust assisted in purchasing office appliances and educational materials for the opening of Tabunka Free School Shinjuku Campus. ◆Oracle Charitable Trust provided funding for high school guidance sessions for families with foreign roots in 2010.


FITチャリティーラン2010FIT For Charity Run 2010 Donations from FIT Charity Run funded the opening of Tabunka Free School Shinjuku Campus.
特定非営利活動法人アースデイマネー・アソシエーションEarth Day Money Association Earth Day Money Association donated part of its Earth Day “Gacha” donations to MCT between 2007 and 2010.


株式会社トーダンTodan Co., Ltd. Todan Co., Ltd. donated computers to replace MCT’s old worn-down computers. Todan Co., Ltd. also donated cleaning products and educational materials to Tabunka Free School and Oyako Japanese class.
Dentsu Volunteer [Used/Old] Books Club Dentsu Volunteer [Used/Old] Books Club donated profits from their [used/old] book sales to MCT in 2007 and 2008.


日本興亜損害保険株式会社 Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd. Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd.’s Omoiyari Progam donated funds to support the hiring of a Chinese-speaking part-time staff.
THE ROTARY CLUB OF TOKYO-SEIHOKU Tokyo Seihoku Rotary Club contributed funds towards MCT’s research project on [education/educational access] for children with foreign roots.


公益財団法人日本財団 The Nippon Foundation ◆The Nippon Foundation donated funds towards the renovation of old classrooms at a closed elementary school to be used as Tabunka Free School classrooms for migrant children. ◆The Nippon Foundation donated funds towards the Foreign Residents’ Childrearing Support Network in 2006 and 2007.
ゴールドマン・サックスGoldman Sachs Japan ◆Goldman Sachs Japan contributed towards Tabunka Free School’s sports festival. ◆Goldman Sachs Japan contributed towards and volunteered at Tabunka Free School’s welcome barbecue in 2006 and 2007.
アイエヌジー生命保険株式会社ING Life Insurance Company Ltd. ING Life Insurance Company donated paint towards and helped paint Tabunka Free School’s classroom walls.
一般財団法人EOジャパンEntrepreneurs Organization Japan EO Japan donated funds towards MCT activities.


合同会社ソーシャルベンチャー・パートナーズ東京(SVP東京)Social Venture Partners Tokyo (SVP Tokyo) SVP Tokyo provided funding and management consulting for the opening of Tabunka Free School.
セールスフォース・ドットコム ファンデーション Foundation Foundation contributed towards the organization of video workshops for children with foreign roots.
特定非営利活動法人サービスグラントService Grant Tokyo Service Grant helped design and produce MCT’s pamphlets.
PLUS Corporation & Japan Philanthropic Association(JPA) PLUS Corporation donated office furniture through JPA towards Tabunka Free School’s move to a new location.