Tabunka Free School Arakawa Campus / Suginami Campus



About Tabunka Free School

Tabunka Free School provides an opportunity for immigrant children to learn Japanese and study other subjects on an everyday basis. Most students are 15 years or older and/or have graduated junior high school in their home countries.

※Supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Government (2016-2022)

Program Content

Most students at Tabunka Free School start from the Japanese alphabet (hiragana) and have to apply for high school within one year. They therefore start learning how to read and write as soon as they arrive. After mastering basic grammar, the students practice reading comprehension using resources such as elementary school textbooks.

■Math and English
It is crucial for immigrant children to aim for high score on their Math and English exams, particularly because it is difficult for them to get high scores on their Japanese exams. As high school exams are administered entirely in Japanese, classes focus on teaching students learn how to solve Math and English problems in Japanese.

For all subjects, students are divided into several classes according to their Japanese proficiency, learning style and need.

Tabunka Free School Events

  • ・Spring semester: High School Guidance I, Sports day
  • ・Summer semester: Summer classes
  • ・Fall semester: Field trip, Career guidance, Parent-student-teacher conference, High School Guidance II
  • ・Winter semester: High school visits, Winter classes, Christmas party, Graduation ceremony



Tabunka Free School teachers hold teaching credentials and/or have extensive experience teaching Japanese. Each student is assigned to a homeroom teacher who provides individual support throughout the year, taking the student on high school visits, providing career guidance, and holding parent-student-teacher conferences.


■Tuition and fees

Entrance fee 10,000 yen

Annual cost for class 415,000 yen
April to July, September to March 35,500 yen per month
August 24,500 yen per month (4 hours/day)

※Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We make decisions regarding enrollment on a case by case basis.
※Students can enroll at any time of the year. Please call for information in Japanese, English or Chinese.

Track record

Almost of Tabunka Free School students go on to high school.
*”Total number of students” includes junior high school students with foreign roots who participate only in the summer course and students who returned to their home countries.

Total number of students
Students who took
high school entrance exams
Students who passed
2021 44 20 20
2020 46 30 30
2019 65 38 38
2018 84 53 52
2017 97 68 65
2016 90 58 54
2015 96 63 62
2014 96 55 54
2013 94 55 54
2012 51 49 47
2011 59 49 46
2010 97 41 40
2009 93 48 48
2008 91 33 33
2007 71 33 33
2006 41 18 18
2005 24 7 7

■Post-high school career paths of Tabunka Free School graduates:
More and more students are going on to vocational schools and universities or are studying abroad.

■Graduates’ voices

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