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What We Do

Immigrant children face various difficulties receiving an education in Japan. Multicultural Center Tokyo (MCT) provides the following services to help children adaptand realize an inclusive society for all.

1. MCT provides an opportunity for immigrant children to learn Japanese and study other subjects on an everyday basis.

Tabunka Free School
    • All-Day Classes (AM / PM) Preparatory classes for high school entrance exams (Japanese, Math, and English) Youth 15 years and older Youth who have graduated junior high school in their home countries Classes for youth 15 years and younger who are not attending school
    • Arakawa-ku “Heartful” Introductory Japanese Classes
FOR: Recent immigrant children attending Arakawa-ku public junior high schools WHEN: Introductory Japanese 1: Four days per week, 9:00am – 12:00pm (2 months) Introductory Japanese 2: Three days per week, 6:00pm – 7:50pm (3 months) WHAT: Introductory Japanese 1 = Basic Japanese/ Introductory Japanese 2 = Japanese and other school subjects details

2. MCT provides educational information (multilingual) for immigrant children and their families

  • Individual consultations on education MCT offers multilingual consultation on education such as transferring to junior high school or entering to high school. Not only consultation, we can introduce our class or other local supporting organizations. details
  • Guidance for High School Entrance (Multilingual)

3. MCT holds volunteer-run Saturday classes providing children with opportunities to interact with community volunteers and receive individual attention in their studies

    • <Kodomo Project>
Community volunteers tutor junior high school/ high school students one-on-one in Japanese and other subjects Every Saturday: 3:30p.m.-5:30p.m. Tuition: 300yen/month
    • <Oyako Japanese Classes>
Community volunteers tutor elementary school students and their parent(s) one-on-one in: Japanese and other school subjects Everyday Japanese (ex: reading letters from school) Every Saturday: 1:00p.m. -3:00p.m Tuition: 300yen/month  

4. MCT disseminates information regarding multiculturalism and education to the public

    • Research on access to education for immigrant children [and other children with foreign roots]
    • Multicultural seminars, workshops, and staff training
    • MCT mailing list, blog, and newletter (Mingle) (Japanese only)
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